the power of a courageous collective
unleashing business to achieve our Global Goals

We are business leaders who believe...

Humanity and our planet are facing historic challenges – and CEOs around the world recognize it. From the climate crisis to widening inequality, we read the news and in between the lines. Governments cannot reverse the trajectory in time. Youth movements and civil society are mobilizing but cannot change the system.

Business is either part of the solution or part of the problem. Almost every CEO has their company engaging in CSR. Many are spread thin between well-meaning initiatives, associations, conferences. But the math doesn’t add up. Often as powerful as nation states, corporations have an enormous responsibility to drive transformative change. We need scale at speed.

If not us, who?
If not now...
maybe never.

What’s needed now are courageous business leaders taking action.

IMAGINE is a new type of business collaboration for systems change. We work with CEOs who are building their companies into beacons of sustainable business and leveraging their collective power to drive change on tipping points in their industry – from greenhouse gas emissions to labor standards to biodiversity.

It’s not easy. But the benefits are clear. We know more CEOs would if they could – but they lack the time, the tools, and the safe space.

Our stats

Lift the roof.

IMAGINE works with CEOs and global leadership teams to shift mindsets and redefine business models, putting purpose at the heart for superior performance. Through immersive journeys and connectivity to the wider ecosystem, we help companies realize their part of the Global Goals while creating value for all their stakeholders.

Raise the floor.

IMAGINE empowers collectives of CEOs in key sectors, putting ‘the system in the room’ across the full value chain to take bold stands on hard issues such as climate, plastics, and human rights. We believe no CEO wants people or planet to suffer because of their value chain. But if they try to raise the bar alone, they put themselves at risk competitively. We help increase the pre-competitive space, and raise industry norms over time.

*It can take only 20 CEOs – whose names we know – to tip an entire industry.

Redraw the boundaries.

IMAGINE leverages a powerful global network to support the flywheel that results. When enough business leaders take a bold stand, political action is de-risked. Youth movements, civil society, and NGOs move from adversaries to allies. Other companies join in a race to the top.

Imagine in action:


Fashion faces backlash as one of the biggest drivers of climate change and pollution – from emissions to water usage to microplastics in our oceans. At the request of President Macron, we helped mobilise the private sector for the G7, working tipping points across industries including fashion. Under the leadership of Kering’s CEO and with the Environment Ministry, we brought together 32 CEOs, representing more than 30% of the industry, committing to The Fashion Pact – a revolutionary pact to fight the climate crisis and protect biodiversity in the oceans. The momentum is a catalyst to work with the CEOs — with a sense of urgency — for sustained industry transformation.

Imagine in action:


Leveraging the learnings from the Unilever model and other leading companies, we have helped leadership teams of some of the world’s largest brands play a bigger game. As with our coalitions work, we get ‘the system in the room’ – typically the full C-suite – and at the right time, bring in partners and provocateurs from the wider ecosystem. Our transformational leadership journeys invite executives to bring their full humanity – head and heart – in order to shift perspective, build courage in the collective, and drive breakthrough performance that creates shared prosperity for their stakeholders.

Who are we?

IMAGINE is a for-benefit organisation and foundation with a mission board that stewards our purpose of unleashing business to achieve our Global Goals.

We are a neutral safe space, working with CEOs who want community, tools, and support pushing the do the work they would love to do if they were not so constrained.

We provide connectivity between CEOs and a range of allies working to help business leaders create the world we all want: governments and think tanks, civil society and youth networks, foundations and financiers, trade associations and more.

We work alongside what we call the ‘Better Business, Better World’ tribe, helping amplify efforts to reduce fragmentation to reach scale at speed.

Our Leadership

IMAGINE is led by Paul Polman, Valerie Keller, Jeff Seabright and Kees Kruythoff who teamed up through the Unilever journey, the work of EY Beacon Institute, and a shared dream for business serving humanity. Our early mission board includes global business leaders and humanitarians Richard Branson, Suzy Amis Cameron, Arianna Huffington, Mo Ibrahim, Cherie Nursalim, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Sue Rockefeller, Hiro Mizuno and Carolina Muller-Mohl.

Our Ecosystem

Our ecosystem includes experts in systems transformation, leadership, strategy and innovation, human sciences, and sustainability as well as experts in industries such as fashion, food, travel & tourism. We draw from the global institutions where we serve in leadership roles, co-creating with our allies and friends in the conscious business community.